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About HaemophAmicus

The HaemophAmicus blog was created with the intent of introducing much needed changes to the Slovene hemophilic community and the entire community of people with allied blood disorders of Slovenia.

It is time to put into practice the mottos used on World Haemophilia Day years ago, being “Committed to the changes in haemophilia” and “Changing haemophilia”.

Modern hemophilia can give answers to the patient’s questions, encourage and inform them, so they can have a quality life that is custom-fit to their own abilities, desires and beliefs.

Let the guiding principles in our future cooperation and socialising be predominantly friendship, goodwill, transparency, legality and compliance with the rules of the entire community.

Renato, blog custodian
Ljubljana/Slovenia, March 2020


Blog entries express the view of the individual author.



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